Project Infinite Green 2015-16 Student Application. Deadline for submission is 9/20/15.

Please view and download the 2015-2016 Student Application using the link below. Applications are due by September 20, 2015 at 5pm. We look forward to meeting our students for the 2015-16 school year! If you have any questions regarding application, please email us at … [Read More]

Project Infinite Green appears on FOX’s Good Day Chicago!

From L-R: Project Infinite Green co-founder Peter Coules; Project Infinite Green students Annie Ernst, James Deihl, Peter Diamond, Sarah Reaves, Adam Shackel, Kevin Troy, Jeremy Svoboda, Kevin Leahy, and Veronica Kopec; Congressman Dan Lipinski; Project Infinite Green students Madeline Coules, Harrison Schatz, Katie Cummings, Phinu Philip, Jenna Ward, Daniel Borsilli, Charlie Cannon, and Olivia Whittingham; Project Infinite Green co-founder Catherine Greenspon.

Recently, the students from Project Infinite Green were interviewed by Kori Chambers on the FOX morning news program, Good Day Chicago. During their visit on the show, the students gave a brief description of the business plans and ideas they created this year to … [Read More]

2011 State of the Union Address

Maintaining our leadership in research and technology is crucial to America's success. But if we want to win the future – if we want innovation to produce jobs in America and not overseas – then we also have to win the race to educate our kids.

-- President Barack Obama

Interested in going green?

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