Project Infinite Green was created to educate children about the energy sources we rely on in our modern world. Our programs focuses on providing practical interactive experiences guided by professionals within the industry to help students understand the ramifications of everyday actions and decisions concerning energy.

Designed to support public school curricula and the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Education Coalition goals, Project Infinite Green ultimately aims to introduce students to the scientific and business aspects of creating clean energy solutions to the challenges we face today. By participating in this program, children will be reminded of the scientific and business aspects of sustaining ecosystems as they conduct their daily routines using energy sources—whether they’re turning on a light switch or riding in a car. In doing so, they will gain a greater understanding of global citizenship.

Through our efforts, we strive to become a vital part of the ongoing movement to sustain our planet and all that lives on it for the imaginable future. In doing so, we aim to strengthen our local communities, support our educators, and provide interesting and memorable experiences for our students.